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Muscle Activation

a technique of evaluating and treating muscle and joint dysfunction that lead to pain, weakness and vulnerability to injury. Once a muscle is found to not be fully working the doctor and chiropractic assistant will stimulate with their fingers neurological acupressure points on nerve endings, organs and the brain to help restore full neurological control. At the end of the therapy session the doctor will make specific adjustments to segments of the spine to relieve pressure from nerve roots and joints.

Regenerative Medicine

focuses on repairing damaged areas of the body, and treatment involves injections that support the body’s natural healing response. Regenerative therapies include Prolotherapy, Prolozone®, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell injections.

Neural Pathway Integration

A therapeutic technique using the principles of muscle activation but to diagnose and treat connections between the brain and other body systems. Communication pathways in the brain may become inhibited due to injury (such as a concussion), stress or illness. This technique helps restore communications in the neural pathways.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Procedures done by a chiropractor using the hands to apply controlled force to a joint. Adjustments can be used to reposition, restore neurological flow, treat a variety of pain conditions, improve motion and relieve other symptoms.


The body will lay down collagen and other building materials with tendons, muscles, and fascia in order to add stability. Sometimes those materials can restrict or bind the fascia and muscles limiting function. Scraping tools are used to break up the restrictions and restore motion back to fascia, tendons and muscles.

Red Light Laser

An Erchonia laser with programmable heads can stimulate organs, nerves, tissue, brain, infections, and many more things. The frequency is programmable and is used to treat or enhance the other treatments.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency bed (PEMF)

During a PEMF treatment patients lay on a bed which generates an electromagnetic energy field that is used to accelerate healing anything from bone fractures to energizing organs that are struggling.

Dry Needling

similar to acupuncture with needles, dry needling focuses on muscle knots, spasms, and getting tissue to relax. Small needles are inserted into the muscle, tendon, and knot and then an electrical current is run through them which causes the muscle to relax and the knot to be broken up.

Nasal Specific Technique

A small balloon is inserted into the sinuses and then inflated and deflated fast. This technique is for post concussions or facial trauma. It will open up the sinuses for snoring, sleep apnea, brain fog, ADHD, and a slew of other conditions.

Cupping/Blood Cupping

Cupping is the practice of using suction to loosen bound areas and pull toxins to the surface of the skin. In blood cupping puncturing the skin allows the toxins to be removed through the skin


Dr. Kelly Farmer ranks top 10 in the world in the field of muscle activation. Priding himself on being more than just a chiropractor he is dedicated to helping everyone from world class athletes to average Joes optimize their health and feel their best.

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